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  • Stag Weekends

Stag Weekends from the Top Bananas

So, you’ve booked up a stag weekend with your mates. Everything is sorted (you think) but just what could go wrong when you don’t prepare? As the old saying says … fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Without the right prep, you’ll find yourself dealing with situations like;

  • Money disappearing into thin air!
  • Your night is spent wandering the streets trying to find a place to drink
  • Everybody is having a fight because Mate X forgot to pay his dig….again
  • The hotel have put a stop to you and your mates having fun
  • You’ve hired the oldest lap dancers in the world
  • The weekend ends up being remembered as one of those stags … where the wedding was actually better

Does this sound like the type of weekend you want to blow your money, time and effort on? With the help of GoBananas, you can make sure that your stag weekend is more of what you actually intended to do, rather than a chat with an elderly couple in a pub with one stool.

So what can GoBananas provide you with?

  • Protected, guaranteed payments
  • Quicker deal making – we’re very persuasive
  • Get into the events and nightclubs you want to
  • Preset packages all across the UK – or bespoke for your own plans
  • Pay individually – no more covering Jamie because he’s “waiting on the cheque to clear”
  • Set the intensity to your own level – fancy something more cultured? Or do you want to wake up chained to a ferry?
  • Easy to swap plans out without any commotion or aggro

Just it looks like your big stag weekend is about to kick off, you find out that Terry has lost his keys. So now there are too many of in the car, and the drive down loses all it’s fun. The signs aren’t good from minute one. When you arrive in “The Ibiza of England” you find that the most interesting thing about the place is the psychopath that runs the chemists. Does this really sound like what you want to end up doing?

From the fancy transport with the attractive broads to the old taxi driver that hates the football team you support, this stag night couldn’t be getting any worse could it? Winding up in some backwater that you have no clue what is going on or where you are supposed to be is not the idea of a memorable weekend, is it?

If you prefer your weekend to wind up more like the first Hangover film ( ) – not the weird other two – rather than some chic flick, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let your big weekend get shattered into a couple of snakebites in some run down boozer, where the only exciting conversation to be had is with the quiz machine. Let GoBananas fit you up with a cracking package in a city you’ll enjoy passionately – there’s no reason to let your weekend get wasted by poor planning, not when GoBananas can do it all for you.

So give us a ring and let us know what you want to wake up wearing on the Sunday, and we’ll have everything arranged for you in no time at all!

Top Stag Destinations

We have listed our most popular stag destinations chosen by our customers rather than what we want to sell you.


aviemoreAviemore is a great destination if you are looking for a weekend that does not include loads of drinking and dancing.  This is an all year round destination and don't get us wrong has a good selection of place to drink but it does not really have anything else in terms of nightclubs. Located in the Cairngorms means that it lends itself to loads of outdoor crazy activities which are perfect for a stag party.  It is also an all year round resort so there is always a great buzz in the town.

Accommodation can be a bit tricky some weekends because of certain events however we have some great deals and allocation.  If you want something a wee bit different then Aviemore is a great option.


Edinburgh Top Stag DestinationEdinburgh has for a long time been our number 1 stag destination, the reason is simple, its location and the amount of activities within the city and also in the surrounding area.  Within 90 minutes drive you can be rafting some of the best rivers in Britain, tossing a caber ( that's not some random Scottish bloke by the way ) or going full blast in rage buggies.   Because of the tourists and universities the night life and culture of the Scottish capital is 2nd to none.

A month to avoid Edinburgh is August only because of the festival and fringe which of course attract a lot of visitors and push the prices up for accommodation.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Top Stag PlaceNewcastle like Edinburgh has loads to offer in the region, with Northumberland in the North with a vast playground of beaches and outdoor areas.  The nightlife is legendary which is why MTV continue to show off it's orange inhabitants of Newcastle via Geordie Shore.  The cost of drink is pretty cheap compared to other parts of the UK.  They never had a drink problem in the North East (it's never a problem to get a good pint), aye right, but the culture just seems to live with it unlike other places.  The city also benefits from having several large uni's which keeps all the great bars and clubs going through the week.

Newcastle's shopping is up there with the likes of Glasgow and Leeds, not that you would be doing much with the lads on a stag party?

Use Our Stag Party Voting Tool

Getting everyone to agree on a stag party and getting the money off them is a really hard job so over the last 10 years we have built a set of tools to help you throughout the process.  Our voting platform is really eay to use, once you login to your account do the following (this video will help):

  1. Put ideas up for voting start by adding up to 5 dates
  2. Add some places they can choose from
  3. Add some activities
  4. Add some budgets for the party
  5. Email all group members and see which options become the most popular ones.

Tips for Planning a Great Stag Do

1. Manage the Group Size

When it is anounced about the marrage, it’s tempting to ask every one in your smartphone to come onthe stag do, but you need to watch how many you expect from the start. Inviting Henry from the your footie team might seem like a good idea at the time, but large stag parties always complicate every task from hotels to restaurant bookings. Quiet often they tend to o get cliquey, and you don’t want to be working like a sheepdog all night. A good group size is 12-15. If you’re flying abroad – as a lot  do – a good option is to have a 2nd stag night in a local pub to include the folks who can't make it or you don't want there on your last weekend of freedom.

2. Tell Everyone

Stag weekends are costly and often require time off work (N.B. best to take the Monday afterwards), so give your A list members at least 3 months’ notice of your itinerary. You’ll need to have several options for dates, particularly in July and August, so one of your first tasks is to build an email list and agree on a weekend most people are free, you can using our free votting tool. We would recommend at least 2 weeks before the special day, to allow hangovers – both physical and metaphysical – to fully recover. 

3. Plan the Costs

To encourage as many folk as possible are able to attend, be careful not to price anybody out. Remember: you want people to come who will make the stag do fun, not just those who can afford it. Settle on a rough target budget per head, again you can use our polling system to agree the most popular budget range. On the weekend, it’s also worth keeping an eye on the wealthier guys of the group to stop them pushing up costs for everyone else by racking up expensive tabs.

4. Pick your CITY

With a date and a rough budget, it’s time to settle on a place. If you’re staying in the UK, the most popular cities outside London – in terms of facilities and activities – are Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle and Bournemouth. Abroad, Eastern Europe still offers great value, with Riga, Tallinn, Bratislava and Ljubljana all good bets.

5. Keep your accommodation simple

Don’t blow your budget on anything other than a clean, basic hotel or apartment. Frankly You you will be spending very little time there – it’s just a place to rest a few hours. Book in advance and together, YOU DO NOT want members to book individually as it will go tits up with at least one hapless bloke marooned in a dodgy hotel on the wrong side of town. Get something very central it will reduce travel costs when you are there.  How many times have lads got lost on the way home!

6. Create a competitive vibe

Boys are naturally competitive mamals, so anything that helps splitting into teams and trying to beat each other is always a the way to go. 

7. Appoint a Cashier

The best man, you’ve got enough on your plate. One job you should always give is the bankers job of looking after the kitty. 

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