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  • Stag Weekends

Stag Weekends from the Top Bananas

So, you’ve booked up a stag weekend with your mates. Everything is sorted (you think) but just what could go wrong when you don’t prepare? As the old saying says … fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Without the right prep, you’ll find yourself dealing with situations like;

  • Money disappearing into thin air!
  • Your night is spent wandering the streets trying to find a place to drink
  • Everybody is having a fight because Mate X forgot to pay his dig….again
  • The hotel have put a stop to you and your mates having fun
  • You’ve hired the oldest lap dancers in the world
  • The weekend ends up being remembered as one of those stags … where the wedding was actually better

Does this sound like the type of weekend you want to blow your money, time and effort on? With the help of GoBananas, you can make sure that your stag weekend is more of what you actually intended to do, rather than a chat with an elderly couple in a pub with one stool.

So what can GoBananas provide you with?

  • Protected, guaranteed payments
  • Quicker deal making – we’re very persuasive
  • Get into the events and nightclubs you want to
  • Preset packages all across the UK – or bespoke for your own plans
  • Pay individually – no more covering Jamie because he’s “waiting on the cheque to clear”
  • Set the intensity to your own level – fancy something more cultured? Or do you want to wake up chained to a ferry?
  • Easy to swap plans out without any commotion or aggro

Just it looks like your big stag weekend is about to kick off, you find out that Terry has lost his keys. So now there are too many of in the car, and the drive down loses all it’s fun. The signs aren’t good from minute one. When you arrive in “The Ibiza of England” you find that the most interesting thing about the place is the psychopath that runs the chemists. Does this really sound like what you want to end up doing?

From the fancy transport with the attractive broads to the old taxi driver that hates the football team you support, this stag night couldn’t be getting any worse could it? Winding up in some backwater that you have no clue what is going on or where you are supposed to be is not the idea of a memorable weekend, is it?

If you prefer your weekend to wind up more like the first Hangover film ( http://hangovermovie.warnerbros.com/main.html ) – not the weird other two – rather than some chic flick, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let your big weekend get shattered into a couple of snakebites in some run down boozer, where the only exciting conversation to be had is with the quiz machine. Let GoBananas fit you up with a cracking package in a city you’ll enjoy passionately – there’s no reason to let your weekend get wasted by poor planning, not when GoBananas can do it all for you.

So give us a ring and let us know what you want to wake up wearing on the Sunday, and we’ll have everything arranged for you in no time at all!

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