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Double Deck Bar & Club Tours

Our selection of party bus tours of bars and nightclubs: the most perfect way to avoid stiletto blister, wet hair or for you stags, not getting into the bars.

Music, Karaoke, luxurious buses and a whole load of fun. Available in different cities in the UK.

A night bus tour solves a lot of your problems. No more walking disconsolately around town trying to find good bars, cold and in the rain. The buses take all the stress out of the evening. You get to see the town a bit, you can drink aboard as you move from bar to bar and with our sound systems and karaoke, you can have fun at the same time.

The point is to avoid having to manage the night yourself and have the team on the bus look after you. They take photos as well as keep you moving. 40 minutes in a bar and you are on your way again - leaving behind all the other groups who don't know where to do or what to do.

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