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Newcastle Stag Weekends

You know its the party toon and a crazy mayhem on a Saturday night whatever the weather. We got shitloads of great stag stuff for your Newcastle weekend so if in doubt call GoBananas and take the stag party planning stress out of your life. We can organise the whole thing or just provide some ingredients for the party. We have a ton of accommodation from bunk room hostels to 4 star hotels. On top of that are the activities in the day and night... so you are sussed whichever way you look at it! 

Gentlemans Tour

£ 39.99

Guys... a chance to have a brilliant night out. Come on board our club class bus, have fun in the bars and some time in the lap dancing club - finishing off in one of the top nightclubs in Newcastle - perfect
  • Duration (mins): 240
  • Min Number: 10
  • Ref: PR-1171
  • Newcastle Party Tour on Club Class Bus

    £ 29.95

    3 Bars and Q Jump into a nightclub - in between: cruise on the bespoke Club Class double decker - no getting wet, no waiting around and no slumping in a bar!
  • Duration (mins): 240
  • Min Number: 10
  • Ref: PR-4944
  • Paddle Surfing Lesson Near Tynemouth, North Shields

    £ 39.99

    2hrs pf paddling near Tynemouth, North Shields. Perfect for all ages and abilities. Test the waters with this paddling technique.
  • Duration (mins): 120
  • Min Number: 6
  • Ref: PR-1517
  • White Water Rafting in Teeside

    £ 54.99

    Half day of swimming a min of 25 metres. Includes coaching, advising and safety equipments at all times. 6 people in a raft.
  • Duration (mins): 120
  • Min Number: 4
  • Ref: PR-1422
  • Night at the Dogs Sunderland

    £ 14.99

    Whole night at the Dogs in Sunderland. Includes race card pie and peas and 2 drinks.
  • Duration (mins): whole night
  • Min Number: 2
  • Ref: PR-5918
  • No Frills - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 69.99

    So you picked the short straw to organise the stag weekend -  no-one wants to pay a load of money - this is so perfect for you.
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Ref: : PR-9251
  • Paint The Town - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 89.99

    So you have your mates to entertain for the weekend...this package will do just that...
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Ref: : PR-9661
  • Carry on Partying - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 99.99

    Guys its time to get away with one of our best Stag deals....
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Ref: : PR-9667
  • Laugh Your Socks Off - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 118.99

    Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in Newcastle... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package.
  • Nights: Weekend Package
  • Ref: : PR-2924
  • Action Man - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 148.99

    As the name suggests you and the guys will see some action during the weekend - plenty to keep you entertained.
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Ref: : PR-9660
  • Need for Speed - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 140.99

    How fast can you go?  This package will certainly sort that out for you..
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Ref: : PR-9663
  • Package Quads and Karting in Newcastle

    £ 174.99

    2 nights of central accommodation with this package of quads and go karts. Includes guest list entry and lap dance.
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Ref: : PR-9255
  • Dirty Shoot Out- Newcastle Stag Weekend Package

    £ 175.99

    Weekend Package of Mud and Clays in Newcastle. Includes lap dance, mud buggies, clay pigeon and guest list entry.
  • Nights: Weekend Package
  • Ref: : PR-2922
  • Adventure Weekend Package in Alnwick - 2 Nights

    £ 180.99

    1 or 2 nights of Adventure Weekend Package in Alnwick. Includes professionals for guidance. Bring sleeping bags, waterproofs.
  • Min Number: 8
  • Nights: 50 mins from Northumberland & Newcastle, 45 mins from Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Ref: : PR-9011
  •  SAVE £15

    Adventure Weekend Package in Alnwick

    £ 180.99

    A great way to get away from it all for the weekend - you will have accommodation and activities at the same location.
  • Min Number: 8
  • Ref: : PR-9072
  • Mud and Clays Stag Weekend Package in Newcastle

    £ 193.99

    Mud and Clays Stag Weekend Package in Newcastle. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing entrance, clay pigeon shooting, guest list pass.
  • Ref: : PR-9253
  • Tank Ride near Newcastle

    £ 56.99

    1-2hr session of Military Driving-Stalwart 6 x 6. Capable of carrying 5 tons of cargo, over rough ground, professional instructors for guidance.
  • Min Number: 8
  • Ref: PR-4568
  • Top Gun 100 Paintball Near Newcastle

    £ 9.99

    Paintballing is at its best at this premier venue outside Newcastle. 100 paintballs are included to start your group off on the exciting warfare games

  • Duration (mins): 420
  • Min Number: 1
  • Ref: PR-5945
  • Stags - Bunny Beauties at Your Service in Newcastle

    £ 24.99

    90mins of Bunny service in Newcastle. Includes free entry and guest list into 4 night venues, bottle reception and table service.
  • Duration (mins): 90
  • Min Number: 8
  • Ref: PR-9538

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