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  • Hen Weekends

Hen Weekends

Hen do ideas to simply wipe you out

Here at GoBananas we know that girls are pretty amazing at multitasking, but there are limits! Working out wedding plans is pretty intense so sorting out a hassle-free Hen Night might be best left to the experts - us! You want great memories not grim ones so get GoBananas on your side and swerve any slip-ups!

Seven potential pitfalls

  • Waste time queuing outside clubs
  • Finding your digs are dire
  • Losing track of who's paid what
  • Failing to fix up fun stuff
  • Paying more than you need to
  • Deposit gone when supplier folds
  • The male stripper looks like your Dad

We're here to hear and help you but not tell you what you're going to be doing, so you can be comfortable taking all the credit for a sensational Hen Weekend!

Here's why we're the pick of the bunch 

  • Payments to us are protected
  • A small deposit seals the deal
  • Get on the guestlist - no more queing
  • Our contacts keep costs down
  • Payment system for each guest
  • Activities from wild to mild
  • Flexible - add more fun and friends
  • Hen-friendly hotels

You stick to sorting out the wedding while we work out how to make your weekend pure magic!

Alright girls here we are. Hotel looks a stunner, miles better than those places we've just passed, What's all this 'No Stag or Hen groups' stuff'? We've not got a nasty disease, we just want to have some fun! Obviously they have no problem with that at this hotel, did you see the state of that poor cling-wrapped guy in the foyer? Nice legs though, look better waxed, bet his mates would let you do it!

Nah, hen do pranks only Paula, but don't worry doll, we'll play nice.....promise! Got a cool bus arranged to take us round the clubs. It's got sounds and sofas and even a pole, plus they're even cool about carrying on stuff to drink. First place is reckoned to be the best around here.

Look at that queue, it goes on forever! It's lashing down they'll all be drowned before they get to dance. Got a surprise for you girls, we're or the guest list......never mind the nasty looks, let's get in and get partying! Sorry we didn't ask for shooters....what....they're free? Wow, cool, perfect start. 

C'mon girls, this is a whistlestop tour.....a blast whenever you hear a blast! Tonight is partynight Paula, tomorrow is when the fun starts. Get some rest girlfriend, you're gonna need it!

Wow what a hangover, what a night. Not sure if the cling-wrapped dude in the dining room slept well though! Not sure if that big breakfast was a good plan either. Just as well we've a gentle start this morning, but nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate heaven. I've eaten enough truffles now I can make them.

Bad, bad idea. Now I know what canyoning is......something like being stuck inside a washing machine I guess. Lost the truffles and the breakfast and my dignity but had an epic time. Never thought I'd have the bottle to do something like that but the instructor made it easy, well easyish anyway. Want to do it again!! 

Nude life drawing class, what a laugh. Not sure if Sandra has even seen a bloke in the buff after looking at her drawing but Paula's looked pretty good and vaguely familiar too, for some strange reason, Guess she got totally wrapped in what she was doing. Might be clever to keep these pictures out of the frame, even if they do have all the right credentials in the right places.

Paula was petrified. Tied up and blindfolded we convinced het she was having a tattoo done on her arm saying Paula loves Dave (her boyfriend is called Sam). Amazing how the buzz from a ladyshaver and sharp cocktail stick can convince you you're really being inked. Anyway we did tattoo her, but with henna.....not telling you what we design we did though but we learned a lot at our drawing class :)

The bar in this hotel is the best. They don't care what you get up to or what you wear (or don't wear) and really seem ready to join in the fun. It's made the weekend for us, would have been a disaster to end up in some of the dull dumps stuck on the outskirts of town. Plus they did us a great deal on a special dinner last night all served up by a butler in the buff - and he looked luscious enough to eat, I mean draw!

Yes, time to get back on the ClubClass bus! Never realised having a bus pass could be so much fun, endless tunes, drinks to keep the party going, and a cool red leather interior. It's always a drag trying to keep everybody together, somebody is always stuck in the loo and gets left at the last club, but the bus crew keep everyone together which means no party pauses....perfect.

Last chance to play a prank on Paula. She loves that pole on the bus so we reckon she  should get better acquainted with it. That's the reason I bought this big roll of clingwrap.

She's so wasted I don't think she realises she's been turned into plastic Paula, partybus pole dancing princess. Hah, a crowd of guys have just boarded the bus with their stag. Poor sod looks more wasted than Paula. That guy's carrying something, oh wow, it's like a HUGE roll of clingwrap.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Present for your Paula, we can see you're all tied up so we'll get some cocktails to keep you and your new pal topped up. Whistle girls, next club. let's party!

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