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What Makes Edinburgh The Best Place For A Stag Do

As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a city that sees a ton of stag groups head here all throughout the year. It has been said by many people that when it comes to partying that no one in the world does it better than the people of Scotland and after a weekend here you guys will know that for a fact. For a No 1 Stag Night idea check out the amazing Club Class bar and Nightclub Tour. Edinburgh though is more than just the great nightlife as there are many cool things you can do during the day as well.

And I am sure you do not need this pointing out, but thanks to such sights as Edinburgh Castle and places to see as the world famous, Princes Street. Edinburgh is a real hot spot for tourists. So if you are into the whole touristy thing then Edinburgh just has a ton of places and sights to check out.

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Places To Get Some Good Food In Edinburgh

La Piazza

This awesome little Italian is located pretty much in the heart of the city, La Piazza has a great menu with all kinds of pizza and pasta dishes going on. And you can have a nice beer to help wash it all down with. This is a really interesting place to start your stag night.

Number One Restaurant

Let me tell you guys the name, Number One Restaurant is not just all BS! We have a nice restaurant that is a little bit more up market and serves some nice gourmet food at a very reasonable price. If you want to eat somewhere on your stag do that is a little bit more special then right here is the perfect place.

Some Things You Stags Can Do During The Day

Before we get to how to make the most of the crazy Edinburgh nightlife lets have just a wee gander at a few of the things you men can get up to during the day.


Coasteering is the ultimate adventure and will serve as the perfect activity for the main event of your stag weekend. Coasteering will see you traverse some of the most amazing parts of the Scottish coast. You will need to swim, jump, climb and explore all kinds of cool areas. You will have an experienced guide who will make sure you are nice and safe, but also having a great time. Coasteering is one hell of a day out and something that will make your stag weekend very memorable.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A short 15 minute drive is all you need to do in order to feel like a real bad ass. Clay Pigeon Shooting is a real man’s activity. There are certain things every man should do at some point in their lives and holding a shotgun is one of them! You gents will be taught the correct way to shoot and then you can have a completion and see who can blast the most clays out of the sky. Put a round of drinks on the line and make a real day of it.

Laser Quest

Now most stag do’s will go with paintball for when they want to shoot each other. But in Edinburgh you can do something a little different in a game of Laser Tag. Laser Tag is an intense game where you will feel like you are in a video game like Halo or a space marine in the movie Aliens. The whole event has a very sci-fi feel to it. These laser guns are just so bad ass and unlike paintball, you never run out of ammo so you do not have to be conservative about your shots….. if it moves SHOOT IT! Laser tag also gives you all the thrills of paintball, but without getting caked in mud and crap and all the bruises as well.

Go Kart Racing

This is just so cool, Raceland is the largest go karting centre in the whole of Scotland and what makes Raceland so special is that they offer both indoor and outdoor go kart racing! This is really cool as most places offer only one of the other. This means if you fall foul of the Scottish weather then you just race indoors. You get the chance to race in some very high powered go karts and the tracks have been expertly designed to be both fun for less than great drivers, but also a challenged for you serious drivers.

The Best Of The Edinburgh Nightlife!

Narrowing it down to just a few choices is really hard, but here I have for you guys some great places you can go to on your stag night.

Genting Casino

Here you have a chance to win some big money at Genting Casino. At this awesome casino you guys will get to play many great games such as poker, roulette, black jack and slots just to name some of the games that are on offer here. What is really cool about this casino is that there is a nice bar. So for you guys who are not that into gambling, you can bet a couple of quid then spend the rest of the night getting drunk, cheering on your mates! Just make sure if one of your stag party wins big that they get a round in.

Espionage Nightclub

Now this is a bad ass nightclub! Spread out over five floors of mayhem, Espionage is the kind of club that has an area for everyone. No matter if you want to impress the local ladies with your dance moves, stand at the bar, just get hammered or whatever. There will be a place here in Espionage for you. This is one of the most popular clubs in Edinburgh and your stag group has no chance getting in here……… but that is where we come in as we can hook you up with guest list entry, so you can stroll in like VIP’s!

Diamond Dolls Lap Dancing Club

If you want to see some top class, Scottish totty then look no further than right here at the Diamond Dolls Lap Dancing Club! This place is just awesome and for a stag night it is a place you gents simply must go! Here we have a place that offers some great stage shows, you will be picking your jaw up of the floor when you see some of the moves these ladies can do on the pole! They love stag groups here so let them know who the main man is and he will be well taken care of!

Whisky Tour

Here you can find out just why Scotland is the home of whisky (sorry Tennessee, but you guys are a close 42nd) On The Scotch Whisky Experience you will go on a tour and find out how whisky is made and actually be really entertained the whole way through and of course there are a few sips to be had on the tour as well. This is a great stag do event and the perfect way to start your night before you get plastered for real in the pubs and clubs of Edinburgh.

Getting To Edinburgh……… The Easy Way

The easy way to get to Edinburgh is the train. I think it’s fair to say that you can get on a train anywhere in the UK and get to Edinburgh. The train station here is freaking huge and right in the centre of Edinburgh. But as well as the train you can also get a coach from most areas and if you want to be a real badass you can even fly into Edinburgh airport. While getting to Edinburgh in the car is very easy, driving in Edinburgh is absolutely brutal!

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