Let GoBananas Plan Your Stag Weekend or Hen Party!

We are here to help you get your hen or stag party planned, organised and booked. It can be one night of mayhem or a whole weekend; we're easy. We are not going to fuss around you, we are not going to take over the show or bombard you with petty questions. You're busy and you just want it to go without a hitch. GoBananas is here to get it done.

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All you need to do is select the sorts of things you want and when you want to party, pass us the details and we will get it checked over for you. 

You can select a whole package or just an activity or two and some accommodation. We can organise transport, meals and all those little extras if you need them. All it takes to get the bookings reserved and held is a small deposit (usually £10 per person) which covers the whole group while you get those cats herded. You don't even need to collect money from the group (always a painful experience) as they can pay their share online directly. So no hassling phone calls required or painful credit card bills. Best of all: no risk of people dropping out leaving you to pick up their tab.

You can call us anytime (within reason) to ask questions, make changes or get advice. We are here to help. 

Where to start?

Why not search for what we do in different destinations at the top of the page and see what we can offer. You can search for activities, accommodation or all-in packages. 

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